Overview of Pseudonymous Litigation

Why bring a lawsuit using a pseudonym?

Since most court records are public, suing under your real name risks the danger of bringing more attention to your situation.  Thus, most victims of online image or information posting are forced to choose between seeking justice through a lawsuit and risking further harm or avoiding a lawsuit in order to stay out of the limelight.  Pseudonymous litigation offers the potential for both justice and privacy by allowing victims to proceed with a lawsuit, yet making it difficult for members of the public to link the victims’ identity to the offending content online.
The public interest is well served by providing an avenue for pseudonymous litigation in these sorts of cases. Given the seriousness and the reprehensibility of the harm at issue, the public has an interest in punishing and deterring such behavior by providing victims of invasion of privacy with a clear path to justice through our judicial system. 
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The link "Filing Under a Pseudonym" under each state and federal section listed in the menu to the right contains information on the rules and procedures for proceeding pseudonymously in each particular jurisdiction.